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Discover Some of the Best Vegan Food Venues in Your City

Check out some of our favourite venues for vegan food in Adelaide, Darwin, Hobart and Perth!
29 Nov 2021

Experience the Best Venues for Vegan Food in Your City

Check out some of our favourite venues for vegan food in Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney!
12 Nov 2021

Cocktails for Red Wine Lovers

While we believe that almost everything is a wine suitable occasion, we see no issue with wanting to spice things up every now and again with a red wine cocktail!
26 Jul 2021

Find Your New Go-to White Wine Cocktail

We love wine. You love wine. Try our white wine cocktails as a refreshing twist on your summer go-to drink.
19 Jul 2021

Add Some Sparkle to Your Cocktails

Sparkling Cuvée is already pretty special, but if you’re wanting the perfect brunch cocktail or a Sunday afternoon spice up, we’re here to help.
18 Jul 2021

Food and Wine Matching Tips with The Vegan Italian Kitchen

Our friend and amazing vegan cook Nadia Fragnito, aka The Vegan Italian Kitchen, knows the importance of pairing great wine with great food.
30 Nov 2020

Converting, Cooking and Culture with The Vegan Italian Kitchen

Turning her cultural background into a vegan movement wasn’t the premise of Nadia Fragnito’s journey to The Vegan Italian Kitchen. It wasn’t until 2001 that the concept of a fully vegan lifestyle fell onto her plate.
20 Nov 2020

The Truth Behind What’s on Your Wine Label

What is and what isn't required to be stated on a wine label? What's actually going into your wines? Let's find out.
13 Aug 2020

Chatting with Winemaker Andy La Nauze - Part 2

When it comes to wine, we could talk for hours. Which is why it took two parts give you all the good stuff from our chats with The Vegan Wine Project winemaker, Andy La Nauze.
4 Jul 2020

Chatting with Winemaker Andy La Nauze - Part 1

The Vegan Wine Project's Winemaker Andy La Nauze talks about his journey in winemaking, and the challenges and opportunities of vegan winemaking.
3 Jul 2020

Did You Know That Not All Wine Is Vegan?

Hold on, how is wine not vegan? Isn’t it just a few squashed grapes? Actually there’s a lot more that goes into it than that.
14 Apr 2020

Our Top Vegan Wine Pairing Tips

Learn more about pairing vegan food with a gorgeous drop of vegan wine!
26 Mar 2020