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Celebrating our Winemaker Jennifer Doyle, with a glass of Cuvée of course!


Today we are celebrating our very own Winemaker Jennifer Doyle.  

Jen's inspiring approach to viticulture and winemaking has influenced our sparkling wines for over 15 years. As an incredible ambassador for Jansz Tasmania and the Tasmanian wine industry, we wanted to turn the table on Jen and learn about what inspires her. 


What has been your biggest ‘wow’ career moment as a winemaker? 

Being awarded the 2017 Australian Women in Wine Viticulturist of the Year 


How are you choosing to challenge the wine industry and/or yourself? E.g., what innovations you are driving/supporting, either at your winery or from industry perspective? New sustainability practices you are championing? (considering IWD 2022 theme is Changing Climates) 

Mine has always been an empathetic approach in every respect – with the land that is under our stewardship, with the people that nurture that land. Our vineyards are managed alongside our 85ha of Conservation Covenant in Tasmania and the practices in the vineyard respect that. We cultivate flowering plants and native shrubs to encourage indigenous insects that control insect pests; we apply compost to our grapevines; we ferment our sparkling base wines with the autochthonous yeasts that dwell in the vineyard to reflect the character of this place. 


2020/21 were tough years for many industries globally and the Australian wine industry was no exception. How did you overcome the challenges that were presented and what did you learn? 

2022/23 reminded us that nature is absolutely in charge and that our best recourse is to adapt to the ebb and flow and breathe! 


In your opinion, what makes Australian wine ‘world-class’? if you had three words to describe Australian wine, what would it be? 

Authentic, diverse, spirited 


 Which wine(s) in your portfolio are you most proud of and why? 

2014 Jansz Tasmania Vintage Late Disgorged – I love the elegant and complex expression of this sparkling, from Jansz Tasmania’s home vineyard in northern Tasmania. This has been a shy wine throughout its making and has only just come into its own. With almost eight years on tirage, the lees aging has most definitely been beneficial in allowing this little gem to shine!


7 Mar 2023


Who is someone (male or female) (within or outside of the liquor industry) that has inspired you? And why? 

Louisa Rose, Head of Winemaking for Hill-Smith Family Estates, has mentored and cultivated my ever-broadening focus in all aspects of wine. Lou is an accomplished and highly respected winemaker, forging her own identity and personality in the Australian wine landscape. Lou is also a great proponent for ‘wine being made in the vineyard’ and the stewardship values that complement this philosophy, a sentiment also close to my own heart.   


Your favourite part of the wine making process and why? 

Tasting the grapes in the vineyard and then following their sensory changes through juice to ferment and finally finished wine.  


Your favourite styles and varietals to enjoy?  

I love delicate, Chablis-style Chardonnays, aromatic Rieslings and elegant blanc de blanc sparklings/Champagnes.