Smith's Angaston Whisky

For one weekend only, we are excited to invite you to an exclusive look at the Pot Still in operation on the 24th and 25th August and offer you first access to taste and purchase our newest whisky release ahead of its official release on Monday 26th August.

Join us as we discover the various nuances these casks have on aging our beautifully refined whiskies that you have all come to know and love. ​ 

Available in strictly limited numbers.​ 

Wine discounts & promotions do not apply to Whisky.

Whisky Weekend

24th & 25th of August

Releasing 26th August 2026

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This release brings together passion, trial and innovation, as we present 3 whiskies finished in 3 different casks: Yalumba-Coopered New French Oak , ex-Bourbon Cask, and ex-Muscat Cask.

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Muscat Cask​ 

A rich and textured aged whisky with classic flavours imparted by an ex-Muscat cask. Sweet and round with fruitcake spice, raisin fruits and caramelised figs. Pretty aromatics with smooth caramel notes. ​ 


Bourbon Cask​ 

A finely aged whisky with spicy oak flavours imparted from an ex-Bourbon cask. Christmas cake spice, marmalade and orange peel notes. Very smooth with crème brulée and candied sweetness. ​ 


New French Oak​ 

A long and refined whisky with defined character imparted from our Yalumba-coopered New French Oak barrique. Soft notes of baked bread, biscotti, popcorn and malt, with warm cinnamon spice. ​ 

No stock holds available. Pre-release exclusively available to experience attendees. Bookings Essential.


Smith’s Angaston Whisky

Here at the Yalumba winery in Angaston, we are fortunate to have our own on-site cooperage and Pot Still, enabling our Distiller Kevin Glastonbury a great amount of choice and control.

For a brief period of time, from the early 50’s to early 70’s, Samuel Smith & Son sold a product called Smith’s Imperial Vat Whisky. It was therefore a historic moment when in 1997, Smith’s fired up the old pot still and ran a charge through to produce the Angaston single malt whisky. Two charges took place in 1998 and 2000, before the distillery was de-commissioned in 2001. It was then re-commissioned for a further five charges in 2011, 2014, 2017, 2021 and 2024.

With small and infrequent releases of beautifully aged single malt whiskies, Smith’s has gathered adoration from whisky lovers near and far, and they all waited with bated breath for the next Smith’s Angaston Whisky release. Yalumba holds a unique resource of aged fortified casks, highly sought after by Australian whisky producers, imparting fine flavours of fruitcake spice, raisin fruits and caramelised figs. The distinctive bottles of Smith’s Angaston Whisky now adorn the cellars of collectors, and to taste this liquid gold is a moment to treasure.