By honouring who we are, we inspire others to do the same. ​

Individual wines made to freely express their true self and celebrate the qualities that make them unique. Let Y Series ignite your sense of adventure and discover what it means to be unapologetically you. 

Discover You.

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Y Series was established in 2002 by the Hill-Smith Family - visionaries at the head of creativity and innovation in the Australian wine industry for 153 years.

This diversity of thought and the desire to make great wine accessible was the source of ingenuity that founded Y Series.

Backed by five generations of family winemaking, South Australian provenance, and the belief that inclusivity in wine matters, we were excited to explore the next generation of low impact, approachable wines

From a collection of six varieties in 2002, to the diverse selection of twelve wines today, there is and always has been a Y for You.

At Y Series, we believe in cherishing the Earth that nurtures us.

Our vineyards are nestled in lush, eco-friendly landscapes, where we strive to protect the environment for future generations.

From the moment our vines are planted in the soil to the final sip in your glass, we prioritise sustainable practices every step of the way.

Y Series is all about exploring different varieties in their most authentic, purest and natural form.

Creating wines with the lightest of touch in order to allow the natural variety of the wine to sing. That’s why our wines are 100% wild fermented and vegan friendly.

Harnessing the power of the natural elements to craft a unique expression of origin and atmosphere that cannot be replicated.

Just like You.

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