A Story Worth Bottling

Great adventures often begin unexpectedly, and the tale of how Smith & Hooper came to be is no exception.

It wasn't until decades later that a second set of modern day adventurers set out in search of what had been, for so many years, over-looked by Smith and Hooper. Winemaker Heather Fraser and unassuming local-lad-turned-vigneron James Freckleton are two custodians who, quite purposefully, played a tremendous role in our adventure and the creation of the Smith & Hooper story.

A long time ago, two friends set out on an adventure that would in turn expose one of the most naturally developed wine growing regions in South Australia. These two friends were, of course, Smith and Hooper, and the region was Wrattonbully. However, they had no idea of the richness of their discovery - they were simply in search of a tranquil hillside environment to graze their cattle, away from the hustle and bustle of the ever-expanding Adelaide, South Australia. The very last thing they had in mind was the quality of the soil or that they had inadvertently stumbled across the perfect climate for growing grapes of a world-class variety.


Situated approximately 350km south-east of Adelaide and merely a stone's throw from the famed Coonawarra lies Wrattonbully, the home of Smith & Hooper.

While Wrattonbully does have its ups, it also has its down. In fact, due to the undulating landscape, the simplest things require a vastly different plan of attack. So needless to say, this is a land where innovation is king and, while the predominant planting is merlot, there are numerous other varieties tried and tested throughout the vineyards.

A 2600ha region that not only boasts terra rossa soil (the secret beneath some of Australia's most celebrated wines) but also a maritime climate one degree warmer than that of the neighbouring Coonawarra. This not only allows the fruit time to ripen abundantly, it also prevents plants bushing too quickly.

Wines from Smith & Hooper