Leave the sheep and run with the bulls was the driving philosophy behind the Hill-Smith Family when they created Running with Bulls. First – with their introduction of the Spanish varietal Tempranillo in 2008; followed by launching Garnacha and advocating ‘chilled reds’.

Born from a different attitude and a different approach, it stuck its finger up at the status quo and created something not only new, but brilliant.

For that, we unapologetically say, Buck Tradition.

When It Shines It Pours

Here in Australia we live in the lowest, flattest, driest inhabited continent in the world, and most of the time it is the hottest. So why should the white wines, bubbles and Rosé dominate the warmer months? Time to bring some chilled reds into the mix.

Try our reds chilled

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Winemaker Wigs
Running with Bulls winemaker Sam Wigan loves nothing more than the prospect of time with friends and family – everyone enjoying great food, wine and conversation. In fact, it’s exactly this scenario that inspires and guides him in the making of the Running with Bulls collection. Sam has been brought up with his feet firmly planted on Barossa soil - returning home after vintages in California, New Zealand and France – and revels in the challenge alternative varietals bring.
Running with Bulls Winemaker Sam Wigan