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Heggies Vineyard - A Man on His Horse

It’s fair to say Colin Heggie had an elevated view of the world. He was an Eden Valley man at his very core. The high country was his home.
4 Oct 2021

The Man at Heggies - Marc van Halderen

In 2021, born and raised South African Marc van Halderen took the reins at Heggies Vineyard.
20 Sep 2021

Who are Rogers & Rufus?

Rogers & Rufus is the tale of two vignerons whose passion for wine is matched with a love for the frivolous summer months.
9 Sep 2021

Chatting with Winemaker Andy La Nauze - Part 2

When it comes to wine, we could talk for hours. Which is why it took two parts give you all the good stuff from our chats with The Vegan Wine Project winemaker, Andy La Nauze.
4 Jul 2020

Chatting with Winemaker Andy La Nauze - Part 1

The Vegan Wine Project's Winemaker Andy La Nauze talks about his journey in winemaking, and the challenges and opportunities of vegan winemaking.
3 Jul 2020