Winesmiths. Sacrifice Nothing.

To make something great you can’t make sacrifices. You don’t take shortcuts. You can never compromise. At Winesmiths we believe that affordable wine doesn’t have to come at the sacrifice of great quality. The creation of our premium range of Winesmiths wines began in 1984 and though we’ve learnt and grown over this time, that belief stands true to everything we do here. That’s why our wines are largely made from a single variety and a single vintage. And why we’ve chosen our packaging to hold our wine’s freshness and flavour for longer, even after it’s been opened for a while. It’s why we ensure our wine is fully vegan, and our practices are environmentally conscious. All so you can enjoy life’s little moments to the full. Because a life without sacrifice is a life well lived.



At Winesmiths, when we say ‘sacrifice nothing’, we believe that should include the earth too. We’ve been dedicated to our sustainable practices since 1984 and are an accredited member of Sustainable Winegrowing Australia.

We strive to reduce our environmental impact through our packaging, winemaking processes and the way in which we give back to the land we take from.

The Impact

We don’t shy away from the fact that some people frown upon cask wine. We’re here to change their minds. But aside from a plethora of other benefits, did you know that a cask box has just 13% of the carbon footprint of bottled wine? Our packaging is considerably lighter than glass, meaning less emissions from transport. We support this further at Winesmiths by ensuring our packaging is made from 75%-recycled materials.


Vegan Friendly

Though we don’t believe in preaching to people about their dietary choices, being 100% vegan-friendly just means less intervention when it comes to making our wines.

Typically, wine does not contain ingredients derived from animal products, however, they are often included in the refining part of the winemaking process. For several years our winemakers have been even further honing their expertise to ensure a balanced and healthy environment for our grapes to grow. This minimises the need for human and chemical intervention. Put simply, by stripping out additional processes we actually discovered better profiles for a well-rounded end result in your glass.



Our wide range of premium wines are single varietal and single vintage. There’s no combining the year’s leftovers and diminishing the end result. Winesmiths selects the pick of the crop.


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